Works on Werner Herzog


WERNER HERZOG: RADICAL DREAMER (2022) Directed by Thomas von Steinäcker
Master film maker, auteur, poet, truth seeker, pith helmeted explorer, brand, meme, actor, lauded voice artiste, doomsayer, legend... for the first time “Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer” presents a comprehensive portrait of an iconic artist of our time.
German, English
102 minutes, colour
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BALLAD OF A RIGHTOUS MERCHANT (2018) Produced and Directed by Herbert Golder
An intimate portrait of Werner Herzog filming My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done by that film’s co-writer, a friend and long-time collaborator. A glimpse of a master at work that also explores some of the most abiding and deepest themes of his films.
62 minutes, colour
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I AM MY FILMS  (1978) Directed by Christian Weisenborn and Erwin Keusch
A portrait of Werner Herzog with clips from his major work.
German, English subt.
96 minutes colour

WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE (1980) Directed by Les Blank
20 minutes, colour

CHAMBRE 666 (1982) Directed by Wim Wenders

PORTRAIT WERNER HERZOG Written and directed by Werner Herzog
This documentary is a portrayal of Werner Herzog's artistic development and work.
German, English, French, Spanish
30 minutes, colour

BURDEN OF DREAMS (1982) Directed by Les Blank
Les Blank's documentary on Werner Herzog and the making of FITZCARRALDO. It's hard to recall a more revealing portrait of a filmmaker and film making.
English, French, German
95 minutes, colour

WERNER HERZOG ESSAY "Bis ans Ende...und dann noch weiter" (1989) Directed by Peter Buchka
More than a documentary! A thrilling analysis of one of the most prominent representatives of the "New German Cinema" and his obsession for film-making.
German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
60 minutes, colour

LOCATION AFRICA (1987) Directed by Steff Gruber
Starring Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Peter Berling.
A fascinating documentary that depicts the dangers and adventures encountered during the shooting of Werner Herzog's spectacular film COBRA VERDE in Africa.
English, German
45 minutes, colour

THE BALL IS A SCUMBAG (2000) Directed by Christian Weisenborn and Rudolph Herzog
With Werner Herzog and Rudi Gutendorf
"Sometimes the ball is bewitched," says legendary soccer coach Rudi Gutendorf to his soulmate, film director Werner Herzog. He's the one who would know, after having coached 6 first division soccer teams in Germany alone and countless others in 38 countries around the world.
German, English
43 minutes, colour

GEGENSCHUSS - AUFBRUCH DER FILMEMACHER (2008) Directed by Dominik Wessely

WAS ICH BIN SIND MEINE FILME - Teil 2 - Nach 30 Jahren (2010) Directed by Christian Weisenborn
98 minutes, colour